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Ramona Denton

Ramona Denton


My name is Ramona Denton.

For many years I made my living in Southern California as a printer, technical writer and programmer. Recently, I've been enjoying a more mobile lifestyle, traveling and living in different places.

Renaissance Woman

I have many interests and curiosities, and dabble in many types of activities and study topics. A friend of mine calls me A Modern Renaissance Woman. I like that. I’m not the sharply-focused specialist who can only do one thing. I like to see and do lots of things.

I love the fine arts! Whether it’s poetry, literature, film, theater, music, photography, painting or sculpture, I have been reading, writing, watching, listening, singing, playing and photographing since early childhood. And I have been able to visit art museums and exhibits all over the world.

That’s a lot of stuff right there. The fine arts covers a lot of territory!

But what else?


I love cats.

Big cats. Small cats. House cats. Wild cats. Lions. Tigers. Bob cats. Smilodons (saber-toothed cats), though I’m glad I don’t have to worry about meeting one on my way to the mailbox.

Tiger Kingdom
Phuket, Thailand
Being in the enclosures with the tigers is one of the absolute coolest things I have ever done!

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— Ramona Denton

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