Fasting Can Save Your Life

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Herbert Shelton’s Fasting Can Save Your Life is a book I have read many times. Many years ago. It is not available as an e-book, so I lost track of it a few years ago, when I pruned my stuff down to the bare minimum.

This is probably my all-time favorite book about fasting.

(At least, non-spiritual fasting. For devotional fasting, my hands-down favorite is The Spirit of the Disciplines, by Dallas Willard. A great read, if you’re into that sort of thing like I am.)

I was thinking about it the other day and decided to get a new copy (well, actually a used copy) from Amazon.

Shelton has a lot of insight about therapeutic fasting, even though some of the junk he says makes him sound like quite the quack. This book offers some great information for the discerning reader.

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