Insulin Resistance

In Fasting by Ramona Denton

I became aware of Jason Fung’s work on Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes about a month ago.

When I started watching his 6-part video series on the Etiology of Obesity, I experienced a series of several “Aha” moments. It was an odd combination of being totally blown away with his data and his conclusions, and my heart bursting with exclamations of how I’ve known this all along.

Whatever the combination of known and unknown facts and conclusions, watching Dr Fung’s videos and reading his blog series on calories, hormonal obesity and fasting has turned out to be life changing for me.

I guess you could say I put two things together in a way that finally made real sense to me.

I knew that T2D (Type 2 Diabetes) is not primarily a blood sugar problem. It is an insulin problem. Insulin resistance is the driver of T2D. It’s the reason blood sugar stays high, because it is resisting the insulin’s efforts to bring it down.

It’s all about the insulin.

We measure the sugar. And we talk about sugar. And we swallow pills and pump insulin to control the sugar. But what are we doing to lower our insulin levels?

Is there a way to control insulin?

The title of Dr Fung’s video at the top of the page is How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally. So, it looks like he has found a way to control, even to reverse, insulin resistance.

Type 2 Diabetes is one of those conditions for which our mainstream medical treatments are aimed at controlling symptoms, while allowing the underlying condition to continue to get worse. And that underlying condition is insulin resistance.

Jason Fung is the first person I’ve heard point that out in a long time.

If we want to stop T2D from running us down, we need to stop the driver, not one of the passengers in the back seat. The driver of T2D — and Obesity — is insulin resistance.

LCHF is a dietary approach designed to keep carbs low, which keeps blood sugar responses low, and in turn is supposed to keep insulin low. LCHF works very well for a lot of people. But there are also many of us who have severe, long-term insulin resistance, who either need something else or something more.

So, for me, the next thing to add to my LCHF lifestyle is fasting.

Dr Fung presents a compelling case for fasting as an effective means to reduce insulin resistance, and to lower our body weight set point.

Having spent almost my entire life on various diets, I can tell you from personal experience: a severely calorie-restricted diet is misery on stilts.

I strongly prefer fasting from food altogether.