Lifestyle Medicine Patients like their Low-Carb Diets

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Lifestyle medicine patients like their low-carb diets

Yesterday, I visited Duke University’s Lifestyle Medicine Clinic in Durham, North Carolina, where I attended a class for new patients. Today, I returned to meet some patients, and see how they like the lifestyle medicine program and how they’re doing with their low-carb diets.

I saw about five patients with Dr. Westman, the director of the clinic, who invited me to sit in on a few patient consultations.

A few of them looked a little overwhelmed. Tired. Their stories were similar. Some extra stress had knocked them off their programs. One of them was launching off a child entering University. Two of them had gotten off track on vacations. One or two patients had been off-plan for months, and a couple for just days or weeks.

There were a few other patients that were pretty right on track with their diets! And they looked great. One of these was within a few pounds of her goal, and others were farther away.

The patient closest to her goal weight had developed a chocolate and peanut butter cookie recipe with a very low carbohydrate content, which she had brought to Dr. Westman to taste. We all tasted it. And it was good, too! Reminded me of chocolate and peanut butter ice cream from 31 flavors.


Dr. Westman showed me some patient stats to show me how fast and effectively most type 2 diabetics come off their meds after beginning the low-carb lifestyle program at the clinic. Very impressive!

I became aware of this “lifestyle medicine” approach only recently when I became an investor in HEAL Clinics, which is seeking to expand the availability of lifestyle medicine to more people, by opening more medical clinics that will follow this lifestyle medicine approach using a low-carb, ketogenic diet.

The patients I met at Duke seemed to like the diet. They were happy with the variety and quantity of foods they were allowed from page 4. They didn’t report excessive hunger. And they loved being off the meds!

It was a lot fun for me to experience a medical clinic from this new perspective! I’ve only ever seen medicine from the patient’s chair. After seeing lifestyle medicine in action, I’m all the more excited that a new company like HEAL is taking up the challenge to start opening more clinics so more people suffering from diabetes and obesity can find some relief and healing.

I’ll drink to that! A non-caloric beverage, of course…

When you are hungry, eat from page 4 until you feel full.
When you are thirsty, drink water (best) or a non-caloric beverage.


Dr. Eric Westman is the Director of the Duke Lifestyle Medicine Clinic, and an Associate Professor of Medicine at Duke University. He is also the President and Clinical Director of HEAL Clinics

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