Sleep Smarter by avoiding electronics at night

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Do you check your smart phone before you go to bed?

Here is a short video about what happens to your brain when you use your smart phone at bedtime.

According to Dr. Dan Siegel, clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA School of Medicine, bedtime exposure to electronic screen devices can cause variations in insulin levels that can cause weight gain.

Your eyes may or may not be windows to your soul, as poets like to say, but they are a direct line into your brain. The light your eyes absorb has a direct effect on various brain functions, like hormonal signaling. Checking your email before retiring could be impairing your ability to get a full night’s sleep and causing unwanted insulin spikes.

It is good sleep hygiene to sleep in the dark, and to expose you eyes to sunlight upon waking. Good sleep hygiene also includes protecting your eyes from the wrong kinds of light for at least an hour before going to bed.

What and when you eat is not the only thing the determines your insulin levels.

Are you sabotaging your insulin levels by using your smart phone at bedtime?

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