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Celebrating the huge milestone of achieving half my weight loss goal.


My name is Ramona Denton.

I want to thank you for visiting my blog today!

I pursued improved health and weight loss through many channels before I settled into the LCHF Lifestyle. LCHF means Low Carb High Fat, by the way, and is very similar to the original Atkins Diet.

LCHF has even more in common with the Ketogenic Diet that pops up in the news more and more every day. Ketogenic diets are having great success treating and controlling a variety of medical conditions like Autism.

LCHF, the way many of us practice it, involves eating real food, and not just a bunch of low-carb junk food products. Though some LCHF products are starting to hit the scene.

And, LCHF has some common points with the nutritional ideology Paleo and Primal communities.

I have recently added some fasting to my efforts to conquer insulin resistance without using drugs.

That’s how I arrived at the name Fast LCHF. It’s LCHF with fasting.

The photo at the top of the page shows how I’ve done so far, eating LCHF without fasting.

The photo on the right was taken at a wedding in October 2004. The photo on the left was taken on Valentine’s Day 2013, showing a loss of 80 lbs, approximately half of what I’d like to lose.

Starting weight: 310
Goal weight: 155

Weight loss goal: To lose 155 lbs, or half my total starting body weight.

Since reaching this milestone in early 2013, I’ve basically stopped losing. Which is why I was so excited to rediscover fasting through Jason Fung’s blog and You Tube videos.

So far, my weight loss journey has been very slow, with occasional spurts of joy when I lose a bit more for a while.

What really encourages me and keeps me going is not about how quickly I lose weight or see results, but the fact that my health is moving in the right direction.

And, most of the time, my weight is moving in the right direction.

Nothing related to health and aging is going to stay the same. Life involves constant change. That’s part of why I include a dynamic lifestyle in my tagline. My lifestyle is always changing because life keeps changing. Any lifestyle that fails to make adjustments for that will fail to satisfy in the long run.

Slight changes, repeated over time, make a big difference.

And I am thrilled that my slight changes are going in the right direction. I’m getting healthier and leaner as I get older. More energy. More excitement.

In the coming months, we’ll see if the fasting will have the impact on my blood sugars and insulin resistance that I am anticipating.

Ready? Set? Go!

Ramona Denton